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Allparts vintage abr style bridge 60's spec with retaining wire, brass saddles, nickel, gold or chrome.

Allparts abr style bridge, nickel.                     29  each     

Allparts abr style bridge, gold.                       35  each     

Allparts abr style bridge ,chrome.                  29 each      


This "Nashville" tunamatic bridge is the exact one found on current USA Gibson Les Paul Standards, Les Paul Studio and Les Paul Juniors.
Comes complete with body insert and screw-in threaded post.

Nashville Bridge. Nickel                         25 each             
Nashville Bridge. Chrome                       25 each             

Nashville Bridge. Gold                            30 each             


70's style S.G. bridge. Chrome or Gold

SG Style Bridge. Chrome                       39 each             

SG Style Bridge. Gold                            49 each             


Stair step wraparound bridge for Firebird/SG. USA threads fit Gibson. Nickel

Stair step compensated wraparound bridge, Nickel.  Original style wound g         23 each    

Stair step compensated wraparound bridge, Nickel.   un-wound g                         56 each    


Gotoh stop tailpiece, complete with metric posts and studs. Also available in wraparound version with adjustable intonation screw for Les paul Junior. USA posts and studs to fit Gibson also available.

Stop Tailpiece Nickel.                            16 each    

Stop Tailpiece Gold.                               19 each    

Stop Tailpiece Black.                             17 each     

Stop Tailpiece Chrome                          16 each    

Aluminium  Tailpiece Nickel                  29 each    

Wraparound Tailpiece Nickel                27 each    
Wraparound Tailpiece Aluminium         56 each    


Studs and Posts US thread Nickel          10/set    
Studs and Posts US thread Gold             14/set    
Studs and Posts US thread Black           12/set    
Studs and Posts US thread Chrome       10/set    


Gotoh/Wilkinson Licensed stop tailpiece/bridge with adjustable B&G, D&A string saddles. Nickel, Gold, Black, Chrome.

Wilkinson Lic Bridge B&G/D&A. Gold          65 each       

Wilkinson Lic Bridge B&G/D&A. Black         64 each        
Wilkinson Lic Bridge B&G/D&A. Chrome     59 each      


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